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New Volkswagen Тaos

Drive out of the box

NewVolkswagen Taos

Drive out of the box

IQ.Light adaptive
LED headlights

Your headlights can now move as you turn
to give you the upper hand on any corner
and automatically adjust brightness when
they detect oncoming


wheels Montego Bay

Tail lights with advanced optics

LED taillights for your bright
on the road

Up to 500 litres of trunk space

Enough room for all your grocery bags
and children bicycles. For the adult
just use roof rails


An ecosystem of automotive safety

Side assist blind spot monitor

The system can sense what you might miss.
If you attempt to change lanes, Active Blind
Spot Monitor can help alert you to other cars
that may be in your blind spot The Active Blind Spot
Monitor can also counter-steer within the limits
of Lane Assist to help keep you in your lane
if you attempt to change lanes when a vehicle
is in your blind spot

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control uses a radar to sense
your distance from the vehicle ahead.
system automatically brakes
or accelerates
to make sure you stay the
same distance from
the vehicle in front

Lane keeping system Lane Assist

The system can sense if you start to drift into
another lane without using the turn signal.
Within the limits of the system, Lane Assist
help keep you in the current lane when
markings are detected

Park Assist

Park Assist system not only tells you whether
a parking space is large enough as you drive
it — it will also park for you. You operate
clutch, accelerator and brake. It does the

Volkswagen Play

New 10-inch screen infotainment system
Volkswagen Play with app store

The best navigation awaits your orders

Set your route to avoid traffic jams, get
about speed limits and road works


To start App-Connect, simply plug in your
compatible smartphone and watch as your
select apps appear on the touchscreen
of your Volkswagen

Digital cockpit

The Digital Cockpit takes all of your settings
displays them clearly on the Discover
10-inch screen. From there you can
easily adjust
your driving position, air
conditioning, radio,
navigation and Driver
Assistance systems

Climate control system Climatronic

The interface for the 2-zone climate control
on the main screen where you can quickly

and easily set the temperature, fan speed
flow direction

Ambient interior lighting

10 colours to make your mood

NewVolkswagen Taos

Drive out of the box

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NewVolkswagen Taos

Drive out of the box

Adaptive IQ.Light headlights

Steer the light

Front illuminated
LED stripe

Look matters

Sporty front bumper

Splitting the airflow

Wing mirrors in black

Color design

17-inch wheels

A smoother ride
LED taillights

For your bright safety
on the road

4Motion all-wheel drive

Set the mode and blaze through
any road

IQ.Drive driver assist systems

A vehicle safety environment

Side Assist
blind spot
monitoring system

Keeps an eye on others

Adaptive Cruise
Control Stop&Go

Accelerates and brakes for you

Lane Assist system

Keeps you in a right lane

Park Assist

Parks for you

Volkswagen Play

New 10-inch screen infotainment
Volkswagen Play with app store

Yandex services support

Navigation shows your way


Gadget friendly

Digital cockpit

Takes all your settings

Ambient interior lighting

A color for your mood

NewVolkswagen Taos

Drive out of the box

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